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prisoner of love tote bag

prisoner of love tote bag

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Prisoner of love is a project conceived and executed with my partner, Rená. 

The idea was to make a collection and all of the surrounding material, such as photos, video and music using only the tools and materials we had at our immediate disposal. 

The denim was sourced in western Georgia from the estate of a former textile mill employee. 

We taped and painted it in our work shop. 

The jackets are lined with printed silk, a large colorful poppy motif. 

All the mismatched brass buttons are antique. 

All the trousers and jackets have an appliqué that references a Shaker love note, made of hand cut felt and ribbon, all interacting with pockets and seams in different ways unique to each garment. 

Each package will also come with a hand made paper love note. 

tote bags are 25 x 15 inches with short handles. 


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